The Power of B2B Webinars For Lead Generation and Sales Enablement

"We wanted to understand how webinars could support our lead generation and sales enablement efforts but had no previous experience with them. Digital Litmus managed the entire end-to-end solution for us and the results more than exceeded expectations. Webinars are now a key ingredient of our demand generation activities.

Ben Park – Head of Commercial Operations, Spektrix


Spektrix provides ticketing and CRM solutions for over 400 arts organisations globally, including almost 50% of the cultural sector in the UK and Ireland.

For several years, Digital Litmus has been a key strategic demand generation partner for Spetrix, helping them close over £1.5m of business in the last year alone.

Our role was to support Spektrix with a series of webinars that they wanted to run as part of a 6-month Account-Based Marketing campaign about revenue maximisation.

Having never run a webinar before, Spektrix were looking for full end-to-end support, from platform selection all the way through to training their team and implementing a post-event lead nurturing solution.

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Webinar Strategy
Webinar Technical Implementation
Sales Automation
Marketing Automation
Webinar Acquisition Campaign

Webinar Strategy

We kickstarted the program with our rapid discovery process – a collaborative workshop with our senior strategists and key stakeholders from the Spektrix teams.

Starting with KPIs and objectives, we identified the key metrics needed to determine the success of the campaign.

Then, we delved into audience segmentation and customer personas to make sure that the targeting of the webinar campaign was crystal clear. This formed the basis of the content planning, to ensure the theme and topic of the webinar was perfectly aligned to customer needs, giving it the potential of having maximum impact.

Next on the list was developing the webinar acquisition strategy, planning paid channel activity for inbound efforts, and orchestrating an outbound email and telephone campaign for the Spektrix Business Development team.

Finally, we produced a campaign flow, a schematic showing how all of the connected parts of the webinar would operate cohesively (read on to see this).

Rapid Strategic Discovery

  • Strategic Workshop
  • Customer Segmentation & Personas Review
  • Content Strategy, Topics and Themes
  • Campaign Timelines
  • Paid Channel Strategy 
  • Campaign Flow

“The rapid strategic process gave us a solid foundation for our webinars and ensured our sales and marketing efforts were fully aligned from the offset.”

Jennifer Barrett – VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix

Laying the MarTech Foundations for Successful B2B Webinars

Laying down a solid MarTech foundation was crucial to the execution of the webinar strategy.

Having assessed the requirements for the webinar and integration needs, we recommended Zoom as the webinar platform. 

We undertook the platform configuration and set up the necessary integrations to fit with Spektrix's MarTech stack, using Zapier to connect Zoom with their Salesforce CRM, as well as native integrations with (sales automation / pre and post event lead nurturing) and Pardot (marketing automation).

Next, we needed to create the landing page for the event in Zoom, configuring the webinar settings and preparing the pre and post-event email nurture within Spektrix's sales and marketing automation platforms.

Finally, we added remarketing cookies to the landing page to ensure we could target visitors who had not converted, pulling them back into the top of the funnel acquisition campaigns.

Below you can see the campaign flow diagram of the webinar system that we implemented.

webinar system

“The initial technical setup was complex and required a number of integrations across our systems - Digital Litmus made this whole process seamless."

Ben Park, Head of Sales, Spektrix


Using inbound and outbound channels to drive webinar registrations

The objective of the webinar campaign was to target a group of specific accounts which Spektrix wanted to engage and accelerate sales conversations with. 

With that in mind, we worked collaboratively with their sales team to prioritise these accounts and orchestrate an integrated marketing campaign across inbound and outbound channels.

Key activities included:

Paid social & search - persona-based ad messaging across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter

Branded Emails - using existing opt-in lists to promote the webinar within the group of target accounts.

Remarketing - banner ads across all paid social channels to pull non-converted visitors back to the webinar landing page.

Organic social - using Spektrix's social channels to promote the webinar and it's key topics ahead of the event.

Outbound emails - orchestrating pre and post event, persona focused comms via directed at the target accounts.

300x600 (3)



The webinar campaign proved to be a great success, both from a target accounts engaged and ROI perspective. It was also instrumental to the Spektrix sales team hitting their ambitious sales targets.

The webinar was well attended with 51% of attendees joining for the live session (ON24 Live Attendee Benchmark - 49%) and the content was well received by the targeted accounts and personas, generating over 20 follow up opportunities, exceeding targets.

The positive experience led Spektrix to add webinars as a permanent fixture within their overall demand generation strategy. The sophisticated webinar system that we set up was subsequently widened to include their existing customers for retention efforts also - adding permanent value to their MarTech stack. 

webinar laptop





EVENT ENGAGEMENT (Total Duration 59 mins)

44 mins



“Their strategy and execution generated outstanding results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Jennifer Barrett – VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix




Whether you're shifting your offline events to online, looking to generate quality leads, or want to nurture prospects and customers with tailored content, this guide will give you the critical 10 steps to build a high performing, profitable webinar.