Building A B2B Demand Generation Machine for Techstars Alumni Ambie

“The digital growth strategy that the Digital Litmus team devised gave us the insight and focus that we needed to move forward in the right direction.”

Gideon Chain, CEO, Ambie


Ambie is a fast-growing tech SME in the music industry.

The business combines their own in-house music experts with smart, cloud-based software and offline hardware. Ambie helps UK brands manage and play the perfect music playlists across multiple locations to create the right environment for their customers.

In a short space of time the company has gone from graduating out of the renowned Techstars accelerator to working some of the UK’s best known retail and hospitality brands including Fenwicks, Karen Millen and Crussh.

B2B music technology
Customer Acquisition
Marketing Automation

Ambie's growth challenge

Ambie’s B2B sales process is reliant on a steady flow of new leads coming in on a daily basis for their in-house sales team to deal with.

As the business looked to aggressively accelerate its growth over the coming year, they were keen to quickly understand which other digital marketing channels had the potential for cost-effective, scalable growth in the long term.

Ambie CEO, Gideon Chain approached Digital Litmus to work with them to deliver growth.

Project objectives

  1. Determine what the Ambie digital growth strategy should be.
  2. Rapidly experiment across multiple marketing channels and bring in an ongoing inbound component to their lead generation.
  3. Leverage marketing automation for sales enablement and systematise growth experiments so they can be scaled up for the long term.


Developing the Ambie digital growth strategy

To determine the appropriate digital growth strategy for Ambie, we ran our ‘Foundation For Growth’ process, a strategic discovery phase that unlocks all the major elements relevant to digital growth and leads to the definition of the digital growth strategy.

Customer segmentation, customer needs and personas
We determined who the primary Ambie customer was, what their needs were and then developed customers personas matching these profiles.

Value proposition
We analysed how Ambie were communicating their value proposition and key differentiators across all of their marketing communications.

Customer journey mapping
We researched and identified the typical behaviours that a target prospect would undertake across all the relevant digital touchpoints.

Product heuristics
We analysed the primary user journeys and key conversion funnels, highlighting performance bottlenecks and optimisation opportunities across all of Ambie’s digital properties.

We ran an analytics health check to ensure all of the key conversion funnels were being measured and a correct Google Analytics implementation was in place.

Digital Marketing Channel Audit
We analysed all the digital marketing channels relevant to targeting Ambie’s target customer in order to identify acquisition strategies, market competitiveness and channel scalability.

Growth Model
We quantified the strategic recommendations, modelled different growth scenarios and projected key performance metrics such as Cost-Per-Acquisition and Conversion Rate.

Having determined Ambie’s digital growth strategy, we generated the Growth Roadmap, a series of prioritised digital product and marketing activities to achieve the targets laid out in the growth model.


Identifying the Ambie market challenge



Gideon Chain
- CEO, Ambie

Executing the Ambie growth programme

Value proposition
Having already identified Ambie’s target customer and segments, the first step of the Ambie Growth Programme was to refine the value proposition they had been communicating in market.

A compelling value proposition forms the basis of all successful sales, marketing and product development efforts and so it was important that Ambie’s value proposition was firmly aligned with the various customer needs that we had previously identified.

Ambie’s value proposition was firmly aligned with the various customer needs that we had previously identified.

This process involved:

  1. Identifying the primary features and benefits of the Ambie product.
  2. Developing a clear understanding of the customer jobs, pains, and gains across the different segments that Ambie wanted to target.
  3. Analysing the existing brand assets that the business was using in market (visuals, tone of voice, values).
  4. Determining the high-level value proposition that would be used to underpin marketing communications.
  5. Rapidly defining copywriting, brand messages and visuals for campaigns.


Matthew Tull
- VP Sales, Ambie

Customer acquisition

Once the value proposition phase had been completed, we moved into direct customer acquisition and rapid marketing channel experimentation.

For Ambie, experimenting with new marketing channels needed to be carefully balanced with an immediate goal of delivering a consistent flow of high quality leads to fill their sales pipeline.

In order to meet their lead generation needs, we used the outbound email channel.

Using Outreach, we designed and implemented an outbound email programme that would allow Ambie to use email to target over 10,000 prospects in a more sophisticated manner than ever before.

We sequenced weekly email communication and set automated follow-up phone call reminders on behalf of Ambie’s sales reps based on how prospects responded to emails.

In addition, we integrated Outreach with Salesforce to ensure every step of a prospects’ stage in the sales pipeline was tracked and the right communication was being sent out accordingly.


Example of an automated email and phone sequence

Marketing channel testing

Google Adwords

We ran multiple micro experiments across a 3 month testing window to thoroughly test whether Adwords was a viable long-term growth channel for Ambie.

Experiments were built around multiple variables including ad creative, messaging, offer and customer segmentation.

Campaigns evolved dynamically over time as new insights emerged from performance metrics and we deployed retargeting strategies to minimise spend wastage from customers who do not convert on the first visit.

Marketing channel

Google Ads linking to dedicated landing pages

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

We ran multiple experiments across a 3 month testing window using a combination of LinkedIn text ads, Sponsored Content and Sponsored Inmail to drive target prospects directly into Ambie’s sales funnel.

We used a variety of audience targeting methods alongside tailored ad creative, messaging and landing pages to hone in on specific industry verticals and job roles that Ambie wanted to target.

We identified high performing campaigns, optimised them, then doubled down on them to increase lead volume.

LinkedIn Growth Machine

We ran the LinkedIn Growth Machine, a rapid process designed to find Ambie’s ideal customers on LinkedIn and turn them into leads.

We defined Ambie’s ideal customer profile, then used this to build a database of prospects on LinkedIn that matched the profile.

We optimised the LinkedIn profile of one of Ambie’s lead sales individual, then began a process of connecting with target prospects, engaging with them using a drip message campaign, managing responses, and then sending the leads through to the Ambie sales team.



Content Marketing

We ran a ‘top-to-bottom’ content marketing experiment with the goal of taking an Ambie prospect through the key stages of the customer journey using content as the primary mechanic.

The content was shown to users in the following order:

  1. Top of Funnel (Awareness – generates traffic and leads)
  2. Middle of Funnel (Education – generates prospects)
  3. Bottom of Funnel (Conversion – generates customers)

We devised the content strategy, then worked collaboratively with Ambie’s in-house team to produce three pieces of content that were aligned with the the funnel. We also created landing pages which were designed to convert the customer at the relevant point in their journey.

We set up paid promotion of the content across LinkedIn and Facebook, then tracked the behaviour of prospects to ensure they were moving through the correct stages of the funnel towards conversion.


Example of the top-to-bottom content marketing experiment

The Ambie Growth Stack

The tools we used for the Ambie Growth Programme and how we used them:

Salesforce – CRM software
We Designed and implemented the Ambie Salesforce technical infrastructure so their sales team could manage prospects using an Account Based Selling methodology. – Sales Engagement / Outbound
We designed and implemented an outbound lead generation programme using Outreach, enabling Ambie sales reps to manage their comms throughout the entirety of the sales engagement phase.

Unbounce – Landing Page Software
We designed and a/b tested a variety of landing pages that were used across all of the acquisition activity.

Google Tag Manager – Tag Management System
We added and managed conversion and retargeting pixels across multiple advertising platforms for use in our acquisition efforts.

Google Adwords – Advertising Platform
We setup the account structure, then managed Google Adwords channel experiments.

Facebook Advertising – Advertising Platform
Managing Facebook advertising to promote content and drive engagement

LinkedIn Advertising – Advertising Platform
Managing Google Adwords channel experiments

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Prospecting Software
Identifying and targeting prospects for outreach

Google Analytics – Analytics / Measurement Software
Auditing Ambie’s Google Analytics setup to ensure all the correct tracking was in place and conversion goals were firing. This ensured every aspect of the Ambie growth programme was fully measurable.

Mediahawk – Call Tracking Analytics Software
Tracking all inbound calls related to acquisition campaigns


Tools used to develop the Ambie growth programme


By the end of the initial 6 month phase of the growth programme, we had built an integrated inbound and outbound growth engine for Ambie that was generating daily new leads across all channels. Winning experiments were able to be systematised and scaled up to drive further growth.

In addition, we developed a cross-channel retargeting programme focused on re-engaging non-converted prospects and drawing them back into the sales funnel.

Outbound Email open rate


Outbound Email response rate


“Digital Litmus developed a complex multi-channel growth programme that delivered a consistent volume of high quality inbound and outbound leads for our sales team to close”

Geraldine Michel
– Head of Marketing, Ambie