Using databox marketing dashboards to power inbound campaign performance

“Digital Litmus have been incredibly innovative, generating outstanding results. Using Databox for integrated real-time visibility over budgets, results, and other key metrics has been a game-changer.”

Andrew Burford - Co-Founder, Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace


Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

As part of its commitment to support climate-focused companies, Climate-KIC runs the world’s largest climate-focused acceleration programme in the world.

We were approached by Climate-KIC to support the team in launching the Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace, a one-stop shop for professional investors looking to invest in positive climate impact companies.

CleanTech Investment
Demand Generation Strategy, Marketing Automation, Databox Dashboards

"As the Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace was a brand new entity, the team were looking to generate awareness of their proposition amongst the global CleanTech investor community."

As the Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace was a brand new entity, the team were looking to generate awareness of their proposition amongst the global CleanTech investor community. 

Our brief was to develop an inbound marketing strategy designed to generate new investor registrations in the Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace, encourage further engagement within the platform and grow the number of newsletter subscriptions.

These objectives needed to be achieved within a strict budget, requiring tight management of both spend and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) to ensure targets could be achieved within the campaign window. 

With no historical performance benchmarks to work from and a large media budget to control across many customer segments, we needed to be able to monitor campaign performance in real-time to maximise the optimisation opportunities and drive the best results.

With that in mind, the creation of Databox Marketing Dashboards were identified as being a vital component to the campaign. 

The creation of these would ensure all stakeholders would have complete transparency of the key performance metrics throughout the entirety of the campaign.


What we did


Campaign Discovery & Strategy Development

To kick off the project, our senior strategists ran a discovery workshop in order to fully scope out the campaign. 

Once this was completed we moved into a strategy development phase covering the following areas:


  • Campaign Objectives: The primary goals for the campaign were mapped out and prioritised


  • KPIs: Headline metrics were identified across all areas of the campaign


  • Audience, Targeting, & Data: Customer segments were explored, workshopping lightweight personas and identifying what data existed in the business on the target audience


  • Campaign Activations: Campaign themes, asset requirements and messaging routes were developed to generate interest in the proposition amongst the target audience 


  • Channels: We analysed the best digital channels to place ad creative, built out a detailed paid media plan and modelled performance metrics.


  • Marketing Technology: The existing MarTech tools being used by the business were audited alongside a gap analysis of additional tools required, key customer journeys end-to-end conversion paths were planned and lead nurturing requirements were gathered.


  • Timelines & Milestones: A detailed project plan was created in which included the critical milestones to launch and review the campaigns.


  • Brand & Design: Existing brand collateral and a creative theme was developed.


  • Databox Marketing Dashboards: All key metrics and sources of data were identified and bespoke marketing dashboards requirements were mapped out.













Campaign Activations

Having segmented the audience into the various investor groups and building out targeted personas, we proposed the development of two distinct acquisition funnels, one for investor sign ups, and the other for newsletter subscribers. 

We recommended an integrated mix of paid marketing activity across multiple channels, including Google Ads, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. 

This was further complemented by a Linkedin prospecting campaign designed to engage directly with individuals within the primary target segments. 

Finally, a post-investor sign up nurture sequence was proposed with the aim to maximise engagement with new members of the Investor Marketplace, and convert any newsletter subscribers to fully registered members.


Campaign Delivery

To enable smooth delivery, we prioritised marketing automation setup, using a mixture of Mailchimp and Wordpress to ensure the infrastructure could support the strategy. 

Collaborating with the client’s external web agency, we optimised the customer journey on the landing page with the primary goal of driving investor sign ups. 

In addition, we designed a variety of creative banners to be used for direct response advertising, tailoring our messaging to align with the different personas developed in the strategy stage.

Finally, we designed, copywrote and implemented a 4-step email lead nurture sequence.


Optimising Campaign Performance Using Databox Dashboards

With a wide range of direct response campaigns running targeting over 10 different customer segments across multiple geographies, the continued optimisation of the campaign was imperative.

Using Databox, we integrated multiple ad channel data sources into a custom-built marketing dashboard that aggregated campaign performance across all acquisition channels in real-time.


Landing page performance metrics were constantly monitored via a Website Performance Dashboard to ensure the conversion rates were in line with the campaign targets.

Campaign-level data across all acquisition channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Twitter) was reviewed on a daily basis via a custom Campaign Databox dashboard. 

This surfaced performance insights and enabled our team to make constant optimisations throughout the course of the campaign.



Powered by a data-centric approach to the paid acquisition component of the campaign, the campaign achieved the expectations of the Climate-KIC team, yielding over 1000 new contacts to the Investor Marketplace in just 3 months of the campaign.

Recording a cost per lead of just €15 for the primary European audience, Climate KIC were thrilled with the results and considered the campaign to be entirely successful.

New registrants


Increase in monthly website sessions


Email nurture conversion rate


Average cost per lead


“Digital Litmus has produced superb deliverables that have increased engagement to achieve the desired results. The team has been attentive and available to assess campaigns, ensuring their continued efficacy. They have been capable and affable, which supports a successful partnership.”

Andrew Burford - Co-Founder, Climate-KIC Investor Marketplace