B2B Demand Generation & ABM Programme Generates £1.5m Closed Business

“We consider Digital Litmus to be a true extension of our team. They’ve transformed our approach to marketing, creating huge efficiencies and commercial success.”

Jennifer Barrett – VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix


Spektrix provides a full stack of technology and services for sales, marketing, fundraising and admin teams in the arts sector.

A recent addition to the prestigious Financial Times FT1000 list of fastest growing businesses in Europe, they work with over 340 organisations around the world helping them understand data about their customers and donors, in order to deepen relationships and grow revenues.

Having run a variety of digital marketing campaigns in the past, it was felt that the overall planning, execution and measurement of campaigns needed to be significantly improved to generate better ROI.

Our brief was to devise a demand generation strategy that would close £1.5m worth of business in 2018 from a target market of 180 accounts.

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Account-Based Marketing

“The strategic roadmapping process gave us great insights, designed the demand generation strategy, and fully aligned our sales and marketing efforts for the year ahead.”

Jennifer Barrett – VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix

Demand Generation Strategy

We kickstarted the programme with our discovery process – a collaborative phase of work which surfaces existing and develops new insights that enable us to design and build a bespoke demand generation programme.

Our senior strategists ran a workshop involving key stakeholders from across the sales, marketing and customer success teams.

The goal was to rapidly build a picture of the current challenges being faced, and design the strategies to solve them.

Following the workshop, we carried out a hands-on audit of all marketing technologies that were in place, reviewed how they were being used and identified areas for optimisation across sales and marketing.

We analysed every area covered in the workshop and carried out additional desk research. The findings were then synthesised to create a comprehensive demand generation strategy.

This was accompanied by a completely bespoke roadmap of activity designed to meet the business objectives as fast as possible.

Strategic workshop

  • Rapid customer persona development
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Value proposition, positioning, and messaging audit
  • Competitor review and differentiation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital assets review
  • Marketing campaign performance analysis
  • Sales process and pipeline review
  • MarTech review
  • Metrics and objectives setting


Laying the MarTech Foundations for Success

The first step in building the Spektrix demand generation machine was to lay down solid MarTech foundations.

The MarTech foundations are critical to the execution of the demand generation strategy.

Sales automation and a well-implemented marketing automation system were identified as pre-requisites to running more sophisticated and higher-impact campaigns.

Marketing Automation Audit & Optimisation

Our first step was to conduct a thorough marketing automation audit of the existing Pardot implementation and how it was working with Spektrix’s Salesforce CRM and their website.

We discovered that the two platforms weren’t working in harmony and that many of the Pardot features were not optimised to generate MQLs for the business.


MarTech Optimisations

  • Pardot form handlers across the website, fully integrated with Salesforce
  • Designed and built new campaign landing pages using Pardot
  • Implemented a behavioural lead scoring system to send the most highly-qualified leads to sales
  • Removed opt-in list spam and Introduced email spam filters
  • Generated automated notifications to pass qualified leads straight to BDRs

“We were already using expensive MarTech, however it wasn’t delivering good results. The tools should add value to marketing campaigns, improve attribution, and automate the sales process. Digital Litmus optimised our existing, and identified new MarTech to support our growth.

Ben Park, Head of Sales, Spektrix

Using Sales Automation to Scale Prospecting

When mapping out the sales team’s prospecting workflow, it became evident that it was full of manual tasks that were slowing down productivity.

We recommended integrating to the MarTech stack, giving the sales team the ability to automate outbound prospecting flows and unlock a wealth of prospect engagement insights to optimise the process.

We fully setup and configured the platform so that it was seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, created email templates and sequences (email, voice and LinkedIn), ran training to onboard the sales team, and built a reporting dashboard that gave all the stakeholders a granular view on account and prospect level engagement.


Sales Pipeline Acceleration with Outbound Campaigns

To develop some quick wins with target prospects, we immediately initiated a tactical outbound campaign using

We worked with Spektrix’s business development team to prioritise the accounts and prospects that were eligible for the campaign and segmented the prospect lists to align with the different personas we had developed.

From this, we set about building a campaign messaging strategy, designed persona-specific Outreach sequences that combined email, voice and LinkedIn tasks for the outbound sales team, and produced email messaging that included a direct response call to action to book a product demo.

“We were keen to bring new efficiencies to our outbound sales efforts which were often very manual, time-consuming, and hard to track. The sales automation implemented by Digital Litmus means we get better results, with less effort, and increased visibility.”

Ben Park – Head of Sales, Spektrix

Account Based Marketing

With prospects in the target accounts being at different stages of the customer journey, we devised a hybrid roadmap containing tactical outbound campaigns and a sophisticated 6 month ABM campaign. This approach engaged prospects in a variety of ways, across a number of channels, throughout the year.

Persona Development

As Spektrix’s product is used within a variety of business functions, we wanted to understand the different customer needs so we could surface them within our campaigns.

We worked collaboratively with Spektrix to run a qualitative survey across their existing customer base, identifying the different customer needs and pain points.

We then built out four different personas (Leadership, Marketing, Box Office, and Development) that were used to underpin campaign offer development and messaging as we devised our campaigns.


ABM Generates Demand With Target Accounts

The ABM campaign was built around the theme of “Revenue Maximisation” – a hot topic in the arts sector and one that is tightly aligned to the outcome of working with Spektrix technology.

We worked collaboratively with the Spektrix sales and marketing teams to produce a wide range of thought leadership marketing assets to engage prospects, with a comprehensive 31-page Revenue Maximisation guide being used as the centrepiece for the demand generation activity.

Persona-specific sequences were created directing prospects to gated landing pages built in Pardot where the guide could be downloaded.

The guide was promoted with a variety of organic social media activity, paid social campaigns (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), search ads, Adroll display retargeting ads, and additional blog posts to amplify the content further to reach key target decision-makers.

All prospects who downloaded the guide were automatically added both to Pardot for nurturing as well as a new sequence in to send prospects relevant campaign content, encouraging them to book a free consultation with one of Spektrix account team.

Marketing channel

Campaign Extension: Webinar to Engage Prospects and Drive Conversion

To continue the positive momentum generated by the campaign and maintain interest in the revenue maximisation theme, we worked with Spektrix to run their first live webinar.

We implemented the Zoom webinar platform for Spektrix, integrating it with all the relevant MarTech. We then developed a webinar landing page and promoted it to target prospects from 108 accounts using email and call sequences, social media activity, paid social campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), and Adroll display retargeting ads.

All webinar registrants were added to a nurturing email sequence in with the goal of maximising attendance on the day, and post-webinar, prospects were added to an additional email sequence for the Spektrix sales team to further engage them with the free consultation offer.


The webinar proved highly successful, with 42% of target accounts registering and a live attendee rate of 51% and an average engagement time of 44 minutes.


The demand generation programme proved to be the most successful that Spektrix has ever run both from a target accounts engaged and ROI perspective. It was instrumental to the Spektrix sales team hitting their ambitious 2018 sales targets.

The strategic approach to demand generation and the campaigns run aligned internal sales and marketing efforts, improved sales team efficiency, and opened up new sales opportunities worth over £500k with some of the UK’s most prestigious and best known arts organisations.

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Additional Pipeline Generated


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Closed Business


“The Spektrix growth challenge is complex, nuanced, and unique to our market. Digital Litmus designed a demand generation strategy aligned to our goals and focused on our customer. Their strategy and execution generated outstanding results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Jennifer Barrett – VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix